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BJJ: Big Apple BJJ Open. 5/19/12


5/19/12 a beautiful, picturesque spring day in NYC. The Big Apple BJJ Open 2012, held at Martin Luther King High School. Many entered with the hopes of scoring a medal, bringing home the gold. To bringing home the medal to show your love ones what you have been working so hard for. To bring home a medal to show your BJJ coach how his training has helped transform you as an athlete and a person, and to bring honor to your club. Ultimately, to prove to one self, if with all the hard hours of sweat and achy muscle. Can I do it?

The rounds begin at the open. It moved smoothly. The matches were furious. Opponents giving their all. The matches begin from the stand up position, which for most BJJ players very scary. You can see the lack of experience in their eyes. You can see their apprehension in their every move. Arms fully extended with overly defensive posture. Yet all pretty much have the same game plan, go for double leg take down. The double leg take down is a great explosive technique, but you really got to be on top of your game. Take downs aside, there were many great matches. I had a few team mates to root for, a few matches later, medals were awarded, they did great.

It is always good to see the results of your labors. From painting a room in your house, to smoking a couple of pork butts, to training for years to compete. Sometimes results are seen quickly, other take hours, to months or years to see the outcomes. You want to see your accomplishment, for good or bad, of course you hope for he latter. Good luck on your path. Workout drink be merry.


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