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JUDO: Ouchi-gari could be your new best throw.


Ouchi-gari, large inner leg reap, minor throw technique. You might be thinking, what the heck is a reap? Or, I don’t speak Japanese. Well thats the cool thing about the sport of judo. Not only do you learn a sport that could take you a lifetime to master. Not only do you learn a sport that can shape your physique for the better. Not only do you learn a sport that you can compete into your sixties or later, but you can learn a second language, Japanese. After all it was created in Japan, professor Jigor Kano.

For the month of May, my judoka team members and I have been working a technique called Ouchi-gari. As mentioned prior it is a minor throwing technique. This throw is usually used as a set up technique for a major throw, ie, Ippon Seoi-nage, Harai-goshi or my favorite Uchi-mata. There are many other combination that can follow this minor technique. Yet, remember it is still a throwing technique. A unsuspecting judoka, wrestler, jui jitsu, or assailant for that matter, could be surprised if you fully commit to the attack at initiation of the throw.

It begins with the grip. Kumi-kata, is a drill used to practice grip fighting. All of judo is comprised of getting a superior grip where you can control your opponent and impose your will. From the standing position (Nagewaza), to the ground grappling (Osaewaza), getting a strong control is crucial to success during a match.

Executing right Ouchi-gari. Traditionally begin with right hand natural standing posture grip (Migi-shizen-tai) , you approach you opponent forward, while he retreats, you step in deep with your right foot, quickly followed with your left foot, coming to a perpendicular shape which meets with your right footing. Still with me, good. When stepping in, your upper body should be coming in close, by bring your hips close, and making contact with your opponents chest and getting your right grip which should be firmly gripping your opponent’s left lapel. With your right hand you should be lifting and pushing, simultaneously to your opponent left back heal. This is where the reaping occurs, you lower body and insert your right leg, in front of your left foot, reaching in between your opponents leg, sweeping to your right outside and back towards you in a circular motion. At the same time, breaking your opponent balance to his left heal while sweeping his left leg. You drive forward with your base leg, which is your left leg, and force your opponent onto his back, resulting in a ippon. That is a Ouchi-gari, large inner leg reap. The following demonstrates the Ouchi-gari throw. Hope you like it. Good luck, good practice, merry drinking.

After a month of uchikomi. Time to cool off from the inside out… A round of Bud lights…Workout drink be merry.


One thought on “JUDO: Ouchi-gari could be your new best throw.

  1. Do you have any recommendations for variations on the “classic” o-ouchi gari? I guess there could be as many variations as there are cows, but just wondering if you have found any particularly effective? I have been practising from a starting position standing side by side with the partner, right hand grabbing their gi on the back, left hand grabbing their left sleeve, then hooking in the right leg, hopping around to be in front of the partner while breaking the balance. I don’t know if that makes much sense in writing as I am thinking in pictures in my head. Anyway – any advice appreciated! 😀

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