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JUDO: Your new best throw revisited…


Hi all! After my last post of “Ouchi-gari…”. A few questions were asked about the over the back grip, so I thought, “your new best throw revisited!” yes.

Judo is taught, for the most part, from the right hand traditional grip (Migi-shizen-tai). The right hand grip begins with right hand on your uki’s left lapel, and left hand gripping behind the uki’s right elbow. Usually your uki defend by getting the same grip, unless he comes from the new school of judo.

I use new school loosely, because of the influx of influences to the sport. The game is evolving. I leave you to judge good or bad.

To continue Ouchi-gari. Your opponent gets his traditional grip. You counter with a huge over the back grip. You now go for the set up for Ouchi-gari. With the over back grip you have to be quick. You can not sit on this grip, because of the threat of being countered, with Tani-otoshi (back valley drop). With your right over the back grip, you pull your opponent tight into your right shoulder, as you will have better upper body control over your opponent. You then prepare to off-balance your opponent to his left back…

The key is moving circular. By moving circular, you change your opponent balance from straight line, which is customarily taught , to a movement that is not as predictable when you’re in control of his posture.

…you pull your opponent towards you, while breaking his balance. You step back with your left foot, you follow with right foot at shoulder width. You then explode with your left foot outside and toward your opponent. Your left arm pulls on his right arm, your right over the back grip pulls your opponent in a circular motion that trails your previous steps bringing your opponent onto your right hip. 20120609-083924.jpg

You change direction. You insert your right leg and reap his left leg. Your right hand pushes back on the gi, forcing your opponent balance back onto his left leg, which you are currently reaping.


You drive with your shoulder which is in contact to your opponent. He goes down, you go to Kesa-ketame. Ippon is scored.

Hope this helps. Time to cool from the inside out. Workout, drink be merry.


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