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WINE: Beringer Vineyards White Merlot could be your new favorite everyday wine…,

Beringer Vineyards White Merlot could be your new favorite table wine…

Coming back from a great vacation in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, with great weather to match. Thank you summer sun wicken gods.

While in the Berkshires, I got a little parched, due to the great weather, I decided to find a way to cool from the inside out. So I went in search of my refreshment…

I found myself at a local watering hole, to my pleasant surprise, a wine tasting. Several wines were being offered. Yet I was drawn to one. A combination of wine types, white & Merlot. What can this be? I must take a closer look, or taste, that is.

This wine is from United States, California region. To achieve the perfect color in their White Merlot, Beringer’s winemaking team gently de-stems and presses the Merlot grapes, leaving the redskins in contact with the juice for approximately three hours. As soon as the desired soft, red-purple hue is achieved, the juice is removed. Slow,cool fermentations follow to retain the bright acidity, fresh melon and citrus flavors. The resulting wine is a vibrant blend of fresh berry and zesty orange peel flavors, with a hint of nutmeg spice. A very refreshing and brightly tasting wine. This wine is perfect to accompany, a nice green salad with nuts and berries, which I had a few hours later.It was a great experience visiting the Berkshire. Mother nature cooperated. Fun, family and drinks.
Give it a try, it might be your new favorite everyday wine. Workout drink be merry.



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