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Summer BBQ from Astoria, NY

Sun, smoked meat, my daughter, few beers and friends. Definitely on my short list, on how to spend a great weekend in July.

Out to a BBQ in Astoria with some new friends on a beautiful July day. We car pooled. It is a little nuts finding somewhere to leave your car in New York on any given day. Yet car pooling is just another way to start socializing before you get to the party. We went my buddy, his wife and his daughter. Which was great, I went with my active daughter who got someone to play with. Win,win. Got to the party. Time to party. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I was bringing the pernil.

Pernil, a traditional Caribbean roasted pork shoulder. There lots of way to make pork, Carolina ham, Canadian ham, baked Christmas ham and so on. The main differences is in the preparation. Caribbean seasoned pork. Pernil consist of a big hunk of pork shoulder with various seasonings, but the primary flavorings are ” ajo and cumino”, garlic and cumin.


These two seasoning are used more over than most, I have seen it in many kitchens. Yet the addition flavor note this time around, was the use of Pit Master Tyson’s ( big rig smoking pit! Oh yeah baby, add smoke and there is sure to be some deep flavor. The smoke gives it that deep carnal, primal essence of eating.

Sliders! Lets make mini cubano sandwiches. We used one of my family favorites for years, Hawaiian savory buns. Take buns add Swiss, pickles and stuff with pernil! Yum!

Add a couple of ice-cold beers. What a way to spend the day. The minis were a great hit. All were gone at the end of the night.

A great day, with family and friends. My daughter had a blast.

Time to cool from the inside out. Workout drink be merry.


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