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BEER: A little bit of History you can taste…Guinness

Ever had to wait for something you have been waiting for all day? If the answer is yes, you are part of a larger international club, the Guinness drinkers!

Visiting my local watering hole at Happy Hour. Let’s be honest, you would be happy at any hour with a pint of freshly tapped Guinness. You meet some pretty honest people, and speak of anything and everything. Like did you know, in India, after towns started recycling cow pies, through some new machine, they were able to store methane gas, that was then used to power televisions and computers for four hours every night. Resulting in the pregnancy rate dropping by 76%. You make your own conclusion. These are the types of things you can discuss at your local pub. But I digress. More on that beloved Irish beer. I had a long discussion on Guinness and its history. This is what I learned.


On December 31, 1759, Arther Guinness signed a 9000 year lease for 45 pounds. Guinness beer has been brewed at Saint James Gate Brewery, the home of Guinness beer since 1759. The 64 acre, property has since been purchased by the company.

Guinness is the only beer that uses nitrogen to get the bubbles in the beer. As oppose to carbonation , which most brewer use. Guinness is loaded with the iron mineral. Back in the day, doctors used to give pregnant woman Guinness beer, because of the high iron content. Another fact, Guinness stout is lower in calorie per volume than most beers. 210 calories per today 16 once pints.

Six things you have to do to get the perfect pour.

1) Get a glass.

2) Grab the Guinness glass so your thumb is on the harp.

3) Tip the Guinness glass so that it is at a 45 degree angle.

4) Push tap away from you and pour 2/3 of the glass.

5) Let settle for 119.5 seconds. (don’t know why, that’s the Guinness way)

6) Pull tap towards you and fill the remainder of the glass.

My favorite step, enjoy the beer.

Well it was a fun visit to the pub. Learned a little something. Tipped back a few of the world-class Guinness. Shared a few tales. Now to the gym to work off the calories. Here is to cooling from the inside out. As always workout, drink be merry.


One thought on “BEER: A little bit of History you can taste…Guinness

  1. I got an easier way to enjoy the best beer ever produced at any time in history. Find yourself a pub that knows how take are of it and make sure it is poured right!

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