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THE OLYMPICS 2012-1 days away from open the ceremony.

Revised: Two days before the Judo matches begin. I am eager to watch the judoka Kayla Harrison from team U.S.A. First time to the Olympics. The head coach of the team and former two-time Olympian Jimmy Pedro. (Bronze at Atlanta Olympic 1996 and Bronze at Athens Olympic 2004).

The one to watch is Kayla Harrison. At the age of 22, she is only the fourth American ever to take gold at the Judo World Championships. The last judoka was Jimmy Pedro in 1999.

Kayla Harrison is going for the gold in the London 2012 Olympic.

Good luck to Team U.S.A

P.S. the links below are official pages for the London 2012, judo page for results and stats.

Workout, drink be merry.





3 thoughts on “JUDO: OLYMPICS 2012-2 DAYS AWAY

  1. i Definitely believe that kayla will bring a gold medal…. i hope that the others judoka’s leave everything on the matt

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