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JUDO: OLYMPICS 2012-73KG-recap and results.

JULY 30,2012 the beginning of the 2012 Olympics -73kg Judo competition. Representing the U.S.A. Nick Depopolo at the -73kg. Lets go!


Nick Depopolo walking in for round 32, escorted by Olympian Jimmy Pedro, coach of the U.S.A Judo.

ROUND 32-73kg: U.S.A vs. Hong Kong, China.

Nick Delpopolo vs. Chi Yip Cheung.

Nick Delpopolo wins! Win by Ippon (combined technique). Depopolo attacks with Harai-ogoshi, wazari, to side control, for osaekomi for the Ippon.

Round 16: U.S.A vs Belgium

Nick Depopolo vs. Dirk van Tichelt.

Nick Depopolo wins! The match goes full-time. Depopolo counters at the 2:45 minute mark to receive score of Yuko, to win by Yuko.

QUARTER-FINALS-73kg: U.S.A vs. Korea

Nick Depopolo vs. Wang Ki Chun

After two injury breaks, first, a nose bleed from Depopolo and second, a head butt between opponents. The match goes to full-time, with no score. The match goes to “Golden Score” time.

Three minutes to score and any point to win the match. They begin. Furious exchange of grip fighting. A few attack attempts, and newaza attacks. A big last-ditch effort by Depopolo with a huge Uchi-mata attempt at the 19 second mark, no score. The match goes full-time, with no score at the end of “Golden Score” time. The judges go for the flags. All three judges raise flags, all white flags for the win by Judges Decision Korea’s, Wang Ki Chun.


SEMI-FINALS-73kg: Korea vs. Russia Federation

Wang Ki Chun vs. Mansur Isaev

Win by Russia’s Federation Mansur Isaev

FINALS-GOLD METAL CONTEST -73kg: Russia Federation vs. Japan

Mansur Isaev vs. Riki Nakaya

Win by Russia’s Federation, Mansur Isaev by the score of Yuko.


Bronze medal -73kg

Mongolia’s, Nyam-Ochir Sainjargal & France’s Ugo Legrand.

Silver Medal -73kg

Japan’s Riki Nakaya

Gold Medal -73 kg

Russia’s Federation, Mansur Isaev.



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