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JUDO: OLYMPICS 2012 -81kg-preview.


July 31, 2012 the last day of the month, also day four of the Olympics 2012. If you are the type of person who likes heavy hitting sports, like football and heavy weight boxing. Then the next few days will be exciting to you. The next up coming days of the sport of Olympic Judo, the weight classes go up! Tomorrows competitions starts with -81kg for the men and -63kg for the woman.

One judoka to look out for is Travis Stevens of team U.S.A. Stevens trains out of the New York Athletic Club (NYAC). Stevens will be competing at the -81kg (179lbs). Stevens will be coached by former two time Olympian Jimmy Pedro. (Bronze at Atlanta Olympic 1996 and Bronze at Athens Olympic 2004). There are no woman on team U.S.A. competing at the -63kg weight class.



Good luck to Travis Stevens. Go team U.S.A



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