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July 31, 2012. Day four of the Olympics 2012. Competitions starts with -81kg for the men and -63kg for the woman.

Travis Stevens is part of team U.S.A. Stevens trains out of the New York Athletic Club (NYAC). Stevens will be competing at the -81kg (179lbs). Stevens will be coached by former two-time Olympian Jimmy Pedro. (Bronze at Atlanta Olympic 1996 and Bronze at Athens Olympic 2004). There are no woman judoka on team U.S.A. competing at the -63kg weight class.

ROUND-32: U.S.A vs Solvenia

Travis Stevens vs. Alijaz Sedej

The match begins. Both player go hard, fighting to get their grips. Travis is successful with first grip control with left-handed grip control. A right foot sweep attempt breaks the grips. One minute pass, big Uchi-mata attempt by Stevens, no success. At the 2:40 minutes mark, Sedej gets called with a shido for being over defensive. 1:04 minute left on the match Sedej gets called with another shido for being over defensive. The match continues. Sedej attempts a left Harai-goshi, he gets countered to the tatami. Stevens takes back control in newaza. Stevens has control of Sedej left arm, with 1:00 minute left, attempts a juji-gatme (armbar) for the tap out by Sedej.

Stevens wins by Ippon. Moves on to the next round.

ROUND 16-90kg: U.S.A vs Georgia

Travis Stevens vs. Autandil Tchrikishvili

Judokas bow and the match begins. Judokas engage. Both looking for their grip so they can oppose their will on the other. Several attack attempt made by both players. Big right side Harai-goshi attempted by Tchrikishvili to no success. At the 2:34 minute mark, Stevens is called with a shido for being over defensive. At the 1:34 mark Tchrikishvili is called with a shido for being over defensive. The match continues, at the 1:05 minute mark, left Harai-ogoshi attempted by Tchriskisvili, countered by Stevens with a Tani-otoshi, no points scored. 20 seconds left big Ura-nage attempt by Stevens, no score. The match goes full-time. GOLDEN SCORE time to follow. Three minutes to score. Any point wins. The Judokas engage. Times go by. One minute remains. Stevens attacks with Harai-goshi, Tchrikishvili counters, no score. Stevens attempts Tomenage, both go to the ground. Jimmy Pedro, yells out “newaza”. Stevens takes top mount, while securing a collar choke (Hadaka-jime). Tchrikishvili taps out. Stevens win by Ippon.


QUARTER FINAL-81kg: U.S.A v.s Brazil

Travis Stevens vs Leandro Guilheiro

Stevens attacks with right Seoinage, for a score of wazari at the 2:43 minute mark.

20120731-211910.jpg The match goes full-time.


Stevens win by Wazari.

SEMI-FINAL-81kg: U.S.A vs. Germany

Travis Stevens vs. Ole Bischof

The match begins. Furious battle from start to finish. A couple of injury stoppage, from inadvertent cut to the left brow of Stevens, to later a poke in the right eye of Stevens as well. Ouch is right. The kumikata exchanges were tough. Few attacks were attempted. Uchimata attempt by Stevens, unsuccessful. Bischof strong Ashiwaza (foot sweep) attempts, no score. No score at the end of full-time.


Golden Score time. Three minutes to try to score any point for the win. Vicious kumikata exchanges again, to no result. No score at the end of Golden Score time. No penalties were given during he entire match. The Judge goes for the flags. Flags are raised. All blue flags.


All judges score for Ole Bischof.



Travis Stevens vs. Antoine Valois-Fortier

Canada wins by Yuko.

GOLD MEDAL CONTEST-81kg: Korea vs. Germany

Kim Jae-Bun vs. Ole Bischof

Jae-bun attacks big Ouchi-gari, at the 3:15 minute mark for the second score of wazari.



Jae-bun wins by Yuko




Russia Federation: Ivan Nivfontov & Canada: Antonie Valois-Fortier


Germany: Ole Bischof


Korea: Kim Jae-Bun


Great matches. Great day of tough judo. Workout, drink be merry.


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