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Seven epic days of Judo.  Every player battling for the prestigious prize, Olympic Gold.  Today the titans, the heavy weights of the sport, take center stage to display their skill.  Each player has been working on their craft for years before today for the shot for the gold medal.  Lets take a look at the players competing today.




Teddy Riner

23 years old, 131 kg / 289 lbs, 204 cm/6 ft 8 inches.

Defeats Cuba-Brayson the Quarterfinals via Kesa-gatame to advance.

Republic of Korea

Sung-Min Kim

25 years old, 127 kg/280 lbs, 190 cm/6 ft 3 inches.

Defeats Belarus-Makarau the Quarterfinals via Yuko (avoiding grip) to advance.

Russian Federation

Alexander Mikhaylin

32 years old, 115 kg /254 lbs, 195 cm / 6 ft 5 inches

Defeats Brazil-Silva in the Quarterfinals via Golden Score to advance.


Andrea Toelzer

32 years old, 145 kg/320 lbs, 192 c m/6ft 4 inches.

Defeats Hungary-Bor in the Quarterfinals via Yuko (non-combativity) to advance.



People’s Republic of China

Wen Tong

29 years old, 130 kg/287 lbs, 180 cm/ 5ft 11 inches

Defeats Ukraine-Kindzerska  in the Quarterfinals via Ippon (Waki-gatame) to advance.


Idalys Ortiz

22 years old, 90 kg/ 209lbs, no height listed.

Defeats Russian Federation  in the Quarterfinals via Yuko (non-combativity) to advance.


Mika Sugimoto

27 years old, 100 kg/ 220 lbs, 165 cm/5ft 5inches.

Defeats Brazil-Altherman  in the Quarterfinals via Ippon (Ashiguruma) to advance.

Great Britain

Karina Bryant

33 years old, 103 kg/227 lbs, 184 cm/6foot.

Defeats Kazakhstan  in the Quarterfinals via Wazaari (Uchimata) to advance.


Day 7 will end with the titans of the sport of Judo dueling to out best each other of the ultimate prize the Gold .

Let watch and see.  Enjoy the matches.  Workout, drink be merry.


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