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Freestyle wrestling is one of the two styles of wrestling that are played in the Olympic games. This style of amateur wrestling is practiced throughout the world. It is one of the oldest organized sports in history. It is a very exciting game. The use of throws or superior control on the mat decides the winner of the contest. August 8,2012 is the first of two days of Women’s Freestyle Wrestling 48,55,63,72 kg 2012 Olympic games.

USA vs Latvia. Latvia wins in three periods via points to move on in the women’s freestyle 63 kg tournament.


Clarissa Kyoko Mei Ling Chun of the United States celebrates her bronze medal in 48 kg Freestyle Wrestling on day 12 of the Olympics.

Russia Federation vs Guam. Women’s Freestyle 63 kg Qualification round.

Russia Federation vs Guam. Dunn and Volosova clinch in the first period of the Women’s Freestyle 63 kg Qualification round.

Volosova of Russia Federation takes down and takes back control for a one point score in the first period.

Dunn and Volosova reset and clinch in the first period. Volosova top control over Dunn.

Volosova explodes off the clinch, with a right leg hook sweep on Dunn.

Volosova takes down and pinning Dunn’s shoulders to the ground with top control for the win.

Volosova wins by fall. Great take down and control. Volosova moves on to the next round in the Women’s Freestyle 63 kg tournament.


Japan vs Sweden. Kaori Icho vs Henna Johansson. Icho wins in two periods.

Kaori Icho of Japan (blue) competes with Battsetseg Soronzonbold of Mongolia (red) in the women’s Freestyle 63 kg.  Icho later goes on to win the Gold Medal in Women’s Freestyle  63 kg Wrestling 2012 Olympics.


Bronze 63 kg

Battsetseg Soronzonbold of Mongolia and Lubov Volosova of Russian Federation

Silver 63 kg

Ruixue Jing of People’s Republic of China

Gold 63 kg

Kaori Icho of Japan


Hitomi Obara of Japan celebrates winning Gold in the Women’s Freestyle 48 kg Wrestling defeating Mariya Stadnyk of Azerbaijan, on Day 12 of the London 2012 Olympic.


Bronze 48 kg

Carol Huynh of Canada and Clarissa Kyoko Mei Ling Chun of the USA.

Silver 48 kg

Mariya Stadnyk of Azerbaijan

Gold 48 kg

Hitomi Obara of Japan


Exciting match and more to follow. Enjoy the game. Workout, drink be merry.


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