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Gear. No matter what your into, there is some gear you have to buy. More so, there maybe some gear that you want and don’t know how it would fit. That is where I can help.

I have been buying gear as far back as my high school years. Baseball, football, bowling, camping, hockey, Rollerblade, skateboard, snowboarding, photography, biking, boxing, taekwondo, mma, judo and bjj. I know I am missing something, but for now I will focus my reviews on the martial art gear.

I will start with the Fuji Victory BJJ Gi.


This is the perfect midweight uniform: not too light and not too heavy. Can be used for practice or tournament. Also works great in hot weather. (You know what I mean if you roll more than once on those 90 degree days)
Affordable, yet made to last with strong pants. The gi usually runs about $89.00 each. ( I got three, a blue and two white from for $60.00ea plus five dollar shipping. (great deal). I wear a size 4. Sleeves are a little long but ok. I have washed it tens time and noticed little shrinkage.

  • Midweight around gi (I use for BJJ and Judo)
  • Extremely durable , extremely affordable
  • True BJJ cut, tapered arms and a shorter shirt, (long sleeves)
  • Stiff collar

Includes jacket and pants and comes with FREE patches that allow you to customize your Gi as you wish. ( Does not include belt)
Size Chart

Height Weight (lbs) Size
5’2″-5’5″ 110-140 A-1
5’5″-5’9″ 140-170 A-2
5’9″-6’1″ 170-200 A-3
6’0″-6’4″ 200-250 A-4
6’0″-6’4″ 225-275 A-5
6’2″-6’6″ 250-300 A-6

I hope my gear review will help you. Workout, drink be merry.


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