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What is a IPA? Beer 101

What is an IPA? Beer 101-fast fact.

IPA is an acronym for “Imperial Pale Ale”.  Yet today it widely known as “Indian Pale Ale.”  The name stuck when breweries opened in Asia and the modern era of refrigeration of beer in Asia was born.

How did this beer come about?  Well it began with some Englishmen brewing a Pale Ale beer in the 1800ths. When beer is not stored correctly it can get skunky really fast.  If you have ever been a recipient of a skunk beer, you know what I’m talking about.  To avoid beer going bad,  these Englishmen decided to raise the alcohol and hop content of the beer.  The alcohol well, is alcohol.  The hops are like a stabilizing agent to the beer which prevents the beer from going bad.

Most common beers are between 3.5-5%.  Whereas IPA’s are higher in alcohol content rarely going above 8% ABV, and today’s popular IPA’s are less than that, usually between 5-7% ABV.

IPA’s are enjoyed today world-wide and sort after by beer connoisseurs because of their distinct hoppy flavor.  Hops impart that bitter, tangy flavor to the beer.

Time to cool off from the inside out.  As always workout, drink be merry.


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