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One exercise which was my bane of misery when I was in the ARMY was the FLUTTERKICK.  During my time in the service I did thousands of reps, and now today while training BJJ and JUDO still don’t like them, lol.  But if you want to trim that waistline, so you can enjoy eating or drinking those calories back in, this exercise for you.  No weights or bands needed, just a little piece of real estate and some grit!!! So go burn some calories so you can enjoy eating and drinking those calories back up this coming Thanksgiving! A little something to help us stay motivated through the weekend!! As always workout drink be merry. TGIF!


4 thoughts on “The FLUTTERKICK

  1. Bro, my lower back feels really unstable when I do these without hands but that seems to be the way people are always asking me to do them. I like the hands under the butt for support. Hey, good reminder though, it’s a brutal ab workout.

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