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Lancaster Brewery Oktoberfest, Pennsylvania.

Wow its been a pretty exciting Autumn for me.  Oktoberfest is long over, but my research of Oktoberfest’s history and the resulting products continues.  Beer! Boy has it been fun. I’ve tried twenty-one different beautifully crafted Oktoberfest beers, and I can not say a bad thing about any one of these brews.  Besides what is there not to be happy about?! Cold, crisp glasses of liquid love! Here’s a few images of some of the beers I have enjoyed.

Leinenkugels Oktoberfest, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Stoudt’s Oktoberfest from Pennsylvania.

Stoudt’s Oktoberfest, Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

Samuel Adams Octoberfest, Boston, Massachusetts.

Harpoons Oktoberfest, Boston, Massachusetts.

Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier, Munich, Germany. (My favorite)

This is my Oktoberfest tour! I did not show all twenty-one beers, but a few that I fancied. Some more hoppy, some more malty but all damn good!

Try a Oktoberfest beer before the season is over and you will taste the difference. It is a sort of beer that will transition you to mind-set of the upcoming cold months.  At least that is the impression these beers made on me. Go, workout hard, and the you appreciate the bitter joy these beers bring. As always workout, drink be merry.

Ps, a good pairing to these beers are any smoked or salty meat. Seems to go well with the fruity, bitter favors of the beer.


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