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BBQ ROADTRIP!!! : Q Barbeque – Glen Allen, Virginia

Hello all, hope all is well. Well of course after working out so hard.  You got to treat yourself.  Here is a little visual eye candy. This is my buddies blog, check this out! As always workout, drink be merry.

The Arrogant Swine

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Forbes just did an article on competition BBQ. One of my favorite lines –

And unlike most cuisines, many of the best barbecue masters don’t even have restaurants – there is no huge hobbyist group of ultra-passionate sushi cooks who devote all their time and resources to traveling around preparing sushi for competition judges.

The other premise of the article was that BBQ done in a commercial are inferior to those done in a competition setting. I would disagree with that. The one thing that competition bbq does is impose a sort of Kansas City uniformity to barbecue. The competitors by and large don’t like eating their own BBQ. Johnny Trigg, a heavy winner in the ribs category states openly he doesn’t like his competition ribs. He prefers his Texas style with just salt and pepper and heavy post-oak smoke. Aaron Franklin…

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