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JUDO: What is Utsuri goshi?


What is Utsuri goshi? If you do Judo, you can learn the hard way, but for now let’s do it the easy way.

We have been working on this technique at my dojo for a few weeks now. Its seems to be a very good counter against Harai Ogoshi and Ippon Seoinage. This throw can be done by all size judokas. I have seen it executed from the smallest to the largest player. The big reason for the use of this technique is the advent of recent rule changes for judo USJF tournament, with the influx of different martial artist to the world of judo and to avoid over use of tackling type throws that are used in other sports, that were becoming too common. USJF official wanted to turn the focus back to the beauty of the judo form by stating that no throw were to be initiated by first grabbing below the obi (belt).

Utsuri goshi, changing hip throw. It is a type of hip technique, Koshi-Waza. It was developed by Professor Jigoro Kano. It is part of the Yonkyo, the fourth group, of the traditional throwing list, Gokyo-no-Nagewaza, of Kodokan Judo.

It seems to be a very good counter against Harai Ogoshi and Ippon Seoinage.

Once you stop the oncoming attack, (Ippon Seoinage as demonstrated) you begin your counter.


You lower your base, below the attackers hip.


You then lift with your pelvis, all the attackers weight loaded onto your front, controlling his right lapel and your left arm controlling his left hip.


A sudden switch of your hip, moving the attacker onto your left hip, you change grips from lapel to sleeve, so that your attacker can not post his arm.


You complete the throw, by raising your base, rotating the attacker over your left hip and pulling on their sleeve.

This throw is an intermediate technique for judo. It seems like a big player, or strong player technique, but more so it is a finesse technique. If you are able to time the attackers attack and counter, the throw is yours.

Give it a try the next time you’re playing randori. Let me know how it works ot. Time to go cool off from the inside out, as always workout, drink be merry.


4 thoughts on “JUDO: What is Utsuri goshi?

  1. Haha, I’m not stalking you but you got some good material. I’m enjoying reading your blog so far.
    I like this throw especially, myself. It’s great for those suplex urges but it lets you put that ability to a use that guides your opponent directly to their back. Usually one of my straight suplex throws just get me minor points, so I adopted this to put my western back to use!

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