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Hi percentage is definitely easier than going big. Big finishes are something that is ingrained in most of us who do sports. From the big dunk in basketball, or the grand slam in baseball, and in judo, the big Uchimata finish.  Where you try to take your opponent and get him head over heels, for that big finish. Yet when you get to that higher level of competition the big throw are super hard to achieve. That is why I want to revisit Ouchigari, a ashiwaza technique.

This pass Olympics 2012, not all matches were won by Ippon. Some of the best finishes were won by either yoko or wazari.  The following images are examples of Ouchigari being used for a score.   My point is, that the use of ashiwaza technique is just as effective as using a major technique, just not as spectacular.  It is also my new favorite throw.








Give Ouchigari a try.  Whether by trying it alone for the solo throw or combining it with another technique.  Let me know how it goes.

Time to cool off from the inside out. As always workout, drink be merry.


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