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Cigars to go with BBQ

Check out my buddy post, yummy. That’s one way to end the year.

The Arrogant Swine

It’s only a weekend away and we will be bidding goodbye to 2012 and celebrating the New Year. There isn’t any celebration that can’t be made better with some cigars. To me BBQ and cigars are like Mash potatoes and gravy. It’s hard to think of a better combination. Smoking a huge joint of meat takes hours. Even a slab of ribs will run you 4 hours. And smoking a cigar takes a long time. So they’re natural companions to the pitmaster. They also call into memory that whole hog cooking is in the shadow of the tobacco harvest.

So here I will list out a day of cigar smoking with whole hog.

6AM Your hog is trimmed, seasoned and injected. The coals are ready, the wood is chopped. Time to fire up the smoker and close the lid. Strong coffee is passed around and you start off with off…

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