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So I have been on this Dr Oz kick. One of his past episodes was about speeding up your metabolism, so I kicked it up a notch!!


Recipe for Power Shot ala

1tsp Horseradish (liver detoxifier)

1tsp Hot sauce (metabolism booster)

1/2 cup spinach chopped (adds selenium to diet, boost testosterone)

1/2 lime (just taste good)

3oz tomato juice (low sodium)

pinch of Iodized Sea Salt (helps thyroid Cleanse)

pinch of black pepper (just taste good)

1-2 strawberries for garnish (just looks and taste good, also repairs stomach lining against alcohol , more on that later post)CAM00768

Combine and enjoy.

Of course with the left over limes, light-weight Margaritas.

1-1/2oz Jose Cuervo Especial. (gold for us drinkers)(chilled preferred)

1/2 lime (squeezed not chopped)

Combine, enjoy.  I learned this on my last trip to Mexico, great taste, fewer calories.


Enjoy responsibly. As always workout, drink be merry.


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