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Day 8 of training 2013

Today is day 8 of many workouts, training sessions scheduled for 2013. I love training and preparing for the next tournament, the next competition. The next opportunity to prove to myself and better myself through hard work and dedication.

After a long day of work it is really hard to go to the gym, but I must train. Not only for me, but to my training partners who expect me there to help them in their pursuit to greatness and they to help me to my goal.

Today’s workout seemed a little extra grueling. Was it the two hours of hardcore drills and just as many fights (randori)? Or was it simply a long day? What ever it was I feel great afterwards. Pushing through your exhaustion feels good. I have no idea how many calories are burned during a two-hour class of intense training, but I have seen many advertisements that say you can, “burn 800 calories!” And I, quite frankly am ok with that. A pool of sweat later and I’m so glad I finished, and with a feeling of accomplishment. Thank you to all my training buddies, Roberto, Mathew, Thomas, Marc, Allan and more! A protein shake after, hit the showers, another training day around the corner.

Ps: Early today, I spoke to a good buddy of mine, David. He suggested I should be a little more personal. Well I am going to give it a try. I will start by saying I currently weight 210lb give or take. My goal for the end of the year 195lb. Not much! but I have a happy and indulging life style that does not make it easy. Lets see how we do. I hope you stay along for the journey.

Time to cool off from the inside out. As always workout, drink be merry.



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