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Beer: DAS boot -“Prost!”

In preparation for beerfestnyc I yell “Das boot!”  When you hear that, you know it is time to chug some brew! A little history.

thirsty-thursday-Das Boot

The Glass Boot, or Bierstiefeln in German, is a communal beer-drinking tradition that dates back over a century. Legend has it that a Prussian General inspired his troops for a tough battle by promising to drink beer from his boot if they won. Fortunately they were successful and the General had to deliver on his promise. One problem: well-worn military boots don’t smell or taste great and
Germans have immense respect for their beer. So, the General came up with a
clever solution and had a glass boot made so he could toast his troops without
spoiling the beer or his leather boots. The practice quickly caught on with
German soldiers and then spread to beer halls around the world.

If you guys have seen the famous drinking move ‘Beerfest” The phrase “Das Boot” was used several hundred times.  Well, I don’t know if that’s true, but my favorite line of Beerfest  movie was  when Fink grabs Landfil by the collar and he tells him “I’ll show you how to drink a beer, motherfucker. Fucking man cow. L’Chaim”  hilarious…

With that, the following are some tips for drinking a beer out of glass boots:

How to drink a boot:

• The proper German toast for beer is “Prost!”

• When the boot is full get a good grip, or the boot will soon be on the floor. It’s heavier than you think.
• When the boot is nearly empty, an air pocket forms in the toe. If the air isn’t carefully released beer will spill everywhere, which is bad form and bad luck. One trick is to point the toe sideways instead of up.Roberto,BEER Das Boot #WDM

“Das Boot” facts:

The boot is 2-liter.  Which is equal to 67.628 ounces or five and a half beer, which is   a lot of beer!

Happy hour is around the corner. Go to your neighborhood German bar and see if you can spot some beer nut drinking one of these.  It is a sight to behold, I would know.

Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier BEER BIER DAS Boot

Time to workout, burn some calories, the weekend is almost here. As always workout, drink be merry.


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