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Beer: Did you Know that Anheuser-Busch Budlight…

Budlight was the #1 beer sold in America in 2012! Well a lot of hipster would have a lot to say negative about that. Well I say, tough, live with it. I too am a lover of craft beer and the emotions that develop when enjoying, well, pardon the pun a “craft beer,” yet when you want a mindless, thirst quenching beer, this “Budlight is for you! Like or hate it, it is number one.


Top 5 Beers in America by volume 2012

* Budlight over 269,000,000 cases beers

* Coors light over 101,700,000 cases beers

* Budweiser over 101,600,000 cases beers

* Miller light over 86,600,000 cases beers

* Natural light over 72,000,000 cases beers

Total of these cases beers over: 630,900,000 cases beers

Total number of 12 oz beers based on 24 pcs case=15,141,600,000

Beer bottle total 15,141,600,000 x 10 in bottles = 151,416,000,000 inches

The Earth circumference is 24,901 miles (40,075 km) or 1,577,727,360 inches.

You can lay the bottles end to end and it could go around the circumference of the earth 95.9709 times!!!

Fun Fact: Did you Know that Anheuser-Busch,


since 1988, has donated 72 million cans of water as part of relief efforts, most recently for Hurricane Sandy victims in New York and New Jersey.

So something else refreshing that comes out of a can. 🙂 Next time you’re with your drinking buddies enjoying a cold one, bring up that fun fact and see their reactions!

Be responsible. As always workout, drink be merry.

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