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ST. Parick Day Weekend, food, beer and smoke!

So this past St Patrick Day weekend was very busy, constructive, educational and entertaining! Busy as in going to the gym, working on the car, doing the choirs and general weekend stuff. Constructive in that I decided to cook dinner and a cake with the kids.  Educational in that, I learned that beer in stew and cake taste good. So if you add all that together and add enjoying some Guinness, very entertaining weekend.


First I am toasting to a good week with minimal headaches.  I couldn’t take a picture quick enough before take a big drink!


I began the morning by wanting to eat stew for dinner. I added the normal items for a stew, potatoes, carrots, onion, pork , etc.. but then decided, instead of stock,  I’ll add part of my bounty from the night before.  I added two bottles of a six-pack just to cover.  Four hours later, stew heaven. (See on the right side, a yellow cake. )


Two beers for the stew, one for the cook! Joined by my egg buddy.


It being St. Patrick Day and the town painted green. I surprised my kids with a green-cream-cheese-cherry-frosted-Guinness-yellow-cake.  Six ounces of beer gave it a little bitterness to offset the sweet.  Success.


After a good day, gym, cooking and general Saturday stuff.  Decided to top it off with a Nat Sherman Timeless Churchill with the guys. Woah what a stoggie.


Sunday morning, no Irish beer in site, but it is green.  My first Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  Not a fan, very bitter, very hoppy.. not for me.

Be responsible.  As always workout, drink be merry.


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