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Hump Day Joke: 24 Days

bar pub
Two guys walk into a bar.  The guys are college buddies who are now in their late 50ths.  One guy is widow doctor , John, the other is married electrician, Frank. “Hey what’s the matter? We have been coming here every Humpday for the last 20years, but for the last couple of weeks you seem to be in some funk.. What gives?” John says to Frank, as John pats Frank on the back and takes a swig of his beer.  “Well I have been a funk!” he says just barely able to finish his state.  “I go to work for the past thirty years, raised two beautiful kids, and married to the same woman, seems like for ever, and it’s not getting easier with the whole change of life thing…”say Frank. John cuts him off and says “let me tell you a secret that only us doctors know…we all know the secret but we only keep it among ourselves.. but your such a good friend and you look like you need a change of life!” “What are you talking about?!” Frank says with interest.  “Well the secret is, ever night before going to bed… better before having dinner… you have sex with your wife everyday for 23 days she will be dead by the 24th day! Bam! Life change!” John explodes! He again raises his glass to finish his beer has he waves for a refill.
Three weeks go by John going to the bar as per the weekly ritual for the past 20years.  No one has seen Frank.  Worried, John leaves the bar and goes to buddies house to see what’s going on.  John gets to Franks house.  He sees Frank’s car in the driveway.  He looks through the window, as he gets closer to the door, in search of sign of life. That second he remembers the last conversation he had with Frank at the BAR.  John knocks on the door. No response.  He again looks into the window, and notices a figure seated in the shadow.  He knocks again and realizes the door is not locked but ajar, that he was able to walk in.  He walks and sees Frank rocking back and forth near the window.  As he gets closers to Frank, he sees Frank looks like he has aged ten years.  “Frank what happened!?”  Frank says “I have been doing exactly as per the secret you shared with me…”
At that second, John hears a sound to his left, it is Frank’s wife.  She is looking great! Not a day over thirty.  Skin tight, body in great shape and happy as could be.  She is dressed up in her tennis outfit on the way out to workout.  She says hi to John and blows a kiss to Frank’s, smiles and says “See you later guys…HOney and see you before dinner!!” she says romantically as she walks out the house, gets in Frank’s car and roars away.
Suddenly Frank  says in a very weak voice “little does she know she will be dead in three days!”
lol… As always workout, drink be merry
If you can top it, by all means. Enjoy. As always workout, drink be merry.

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