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Oh Honey…Pleasantly surprised.


Fan of whiskey?  Well I got a new whiskey for you.  Well it is new to me and now I am a huge fan. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.  I am so excited to share this spirit, as it will definitely lift yours!

Toast with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

It is described as “a little bit of honey and a whole lot of Jack Daniel’s”.
Sweet and nutty , maple syrup aroma but not syrupy, rich and savory great finish.  Satisfying after taste. Try some Jack Daniel’s honey.  You will be pleasantly surprised.
APPEARANCE 5/5  AROMA 10/10 PALATE 5/5  TASTE 10/10  OVERALL 30/30
PS: goes great with fried pita chips with sea salt, but what doesn’t?
Put it on ice time to chill.  As always workout, drink be merry.

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