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Double Down Ice Coffee


I love coffee, but I love even ice coffee more!  I can’t wait till the weather is above 70 degrees to go get my first ice coffee of the year.  Yet what I find disturbing is those people drinking ice coffee in February, and my wife who loves coffee but dislikes ice coffee, scary, but a discussion for another day.

The other morning, I had an epiphany. “I have extra coffee, I don’t want to throw it down the drain, let’s freeze it!” Hence, Double Down Ice Coffee was created.  I believe in my subconscious I may have seen this somewhere, but I can’t remember, so I am sorry if this was posted by someone else, but to me I invented this!! lol..

check out recipe: no words necessary (I know contradicts WordPress, lol)

coffee cubes 1

ICE coffee cubes 2  coffee cubes 4 coffee cubes 5

Waa-laa Double Down Ice Coffee.

As always workout, drink be merry.


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