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Moderate drinking can boost immune system

Ever had that feeling, where you’re not feeling great. You feel run down from a long day or long week at work. You get that thought ” I need a drink!” Well science now proves a drink can make you feel better!

A study conducted by Oregon National Primate Research Center ()approved by Oregon Health & Science University has shown moderate drinking can help boost the immune systems response to fighting off illness.  Not to say the solely drinking alcohol will cure the problem, but I will ashore you, you will feel better.  If you think about it most over the counter cold and flu medicine have alcohol in them.  Yes, I know, now some are available without alcohol, but for years that was the go to ,to make you feel better.

In the study scientist took a group of rhesus macaques and vaccinated the monkeys with small pox. The monkeys were separated into two groups. One group was given alcohol the other was sugar-water. I think the alcohol was tequila, maybe whiskey, you know what group I want to be in! But I digress. The groups were monitored for 14 months and then vaccinated again at 7 months. Studies shown that the group which consumed alcohol had a better response than the group with the sugar-water.  Naturally too much alcohol consumption had a negative effect.

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Well that proves it, alcohol will help you feel better and help you get over your cold faster.

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Back to the grind. As always Workout drink be merry

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