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Workout Drill-Staggered Push-Ups

Staggered Push-Ups

There’s a new push-up craze I have seen in a few publications, either in a magazine, twitter, instagram or inter-web page.  I apologize I cannot remember where I first saw it, but that doesn’t matter. Now, when I say “new”, I mean new to it being photographed and posted everywhere, including this page. I’m  sure this exercise is older than Noah. Coincidentally, Russell Crow as Noah, looks like he did a few of these for the role.  The point is this, go try it out, flex dose pecks. First try 4 set of 10 reps for easy and 4 sets of 20 for advance. The goal is even sets for left and right side. I’m going back to my workout basics, with this variation hopefully should help with my judo. Try it out in your next sweat session. The following day you are going to feel like you were walking on your hands all day.

Go train, As always Workout Drink be merry.


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