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Beer with a Hint of Tequila

With the international sombrero wearing, tequila and beer drinking holiday, Cinco de Mayo just days away. I put together a list of “Cinco” beers (pun intended) inspired by the holiday. This list of Margarita or Tequila infused beer, that I have sampled over the years. This list is only a list for list making sake! It is, by no means, in any order of good to bad, or bad to good. Just five randomly beers organized for your pleasure. One thing you can do before this awesome day is to go to your neighborhood purveyor of beers and see if you can find one of these jewels. Ironically no Mexican would be caught drinking any of these beers. Check out these beer and tequila combo beers and review them yourselves.


*Salitos: is the tequila flavoured beer brewed by Miller Germany.



*Desperados: is the tequila-flavoured beer brewed by Heineken International.


*Tequiza: is the tequila-flavoured beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch




*Cortes-Tequila: is the tequila-flavoured beer brewed Browar Van Pur, Poland



*Lime-a-Rita: is an American Malt Liquor style beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch

budlight lime a rita


Now go out there and search and you will find. As always Workout, drink be merry

Author: Angel Mercado

source: me and Google


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