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Kentucky Derby drinks you probably haven’t heard of…

This weekend is the running of  the  140th Kentucky Derby. No Kentucky Derby Party is complete without the Mint Julep. I’m sure you have seen this recipe  a thousand times, but here it is anyway. (Just in case you haven’t.)

  • Mint Julep
  • 2 Cups sugar
    2 Cups water
    Sprigs of fresh mint
    Crushed ice
    Kentucky Bourbon
    Silver Julep Cups (optional)
  • silver julep cup- Mint Julep


Well here are three more drink you probably didn’t know went hand in hand with the Derby. But if you’re one of those people who did know they existed, that just means you have been living a good life! Cheers!

  • The Frozen Mint Julep (just add blended ice and a splash of sour mix)
  • Spicy Bloody Marys (4-10 drops Tabasco for extra spicy drink)
  • Sweet Iced Tea (do you need a recipe? do you live under a rock?!)

Go stock up on derby party supplies and have a good time. As always Workout, Drink be merry.

For more Kentucky Derby coverage go to NBC.

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