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Hemp protein “Drink” you can have anytime of day.

Hello all. There are many misconceptions about the Hemp plant. The main misconception of course is that it will make you “high”, wrong! The purpose of this post is not to educate you on the fact about this plant, but to give you ONE, of many positive uses of the plant, namely the protein benefits, but if you want to know more about Hemp, go look it up! (go to goodhempnutrition)  First, look at this chart of Hemp protein vs Whey protein.

hemp protein vs whey protein

courtesy of

Onnit’s motto is  “Total Human Optimization.” Onnit is researching and developing all methods for someone to  “Optimize” their bodies by means of workout equipment, supplements and nutrition.

Here is a way you can add Hemp in your diet and receive the benefits.

Hemp Protein and AlmondMilk Drink

12 oz  Silk AlmondMilk (Unsweetened)

4 tbsp. Hemp Force

1 Banana (optional)

1 tbsp. Raw Steel Cut Oatmeal


Blend all ingredients thoroughly and enjoy! makes enough for 1.


Add raw oatmeal on top of blended drink. Why not sprinkle some Chia Seeds on top?  Add a health punch.


Hemp Protein Almond Drink 20140509_083033 20140509_083238 20140509_083453 20140509_083511

(Fyi, I drink this probably 6 times a week. Either breakfast, lunch, after a workout or anytime in between.)


Give it a try. It may not be sweet enough for you if you’re a “light and sweet” kind of person, but it will definitely give you the nutrients you need to kick some ass or recover from an ass kicking!

As always, Workout, Drink be merry.





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