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Rockaway Brewing Company LIC, priceless.

Hello all!





A beautiful day here in NYC, so I took a little ride on my long board today. The opportunity is rare and far and few. During this workout, and yes it is a workout disguised as a skateboard ride, I discovered Rockaway Brewing Company LIC.








Rockaway Brewing Company-LIC


Rounding a corner, careful not to hit a pothole, I noticed this oddly beautifully painted building. With its door swung open, greeting me so, as if to say, “come in” above it reading “Rockaway Brewing Company” to my delight, I wandered in.







Rockaway Brewing Company – Growler menu


Rockaway Brewing Company

Rockaway Brewing Company

I was invited to take a tour of the facility and the aromas of the “wart” and spilt beer was enticing. We ended up back where we started, fortunately for me was a bar top with some beer taps within reach. My tour guide said they had some freshly tapped “High Plains Drifter” Scottish Style Ale they had just tapped days ago. She offered  the bait and I bit the hook.


Rockaway Brewing Company

Rockaway Brewing Company- BAR

This little jewel, offered a behind the scene look at beer making. These smaller breweries are popping up in many places. if you have opportunity to make trip to a small brewery, do it.

My cruise around  Long Island City, end up with me discovering this place and loving it.


Rockaway Brewing Company

Rockaway Brewing Company- Oak Barrels

One word to describe my enjoyment at Rockaway Brewing Company LIC, priceless.

Look forward to sharing and reviewing my experience drinking the “High Plains Drifter” Scottish Style Ale. As Always, Workout, Drink be Merry.



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