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What is the Worm guard? What’s next Giraffe guard?

Hello all! Blowing up on the JuiJitsu-phere is this new thing called the ” Worm Guard”, stupid name right!? I know. But stupid guard it isn’t!

BJJ super star Keenan Cornelius, seem to be getting the credit from most BJJ junkies for creating this technique.

I came across this video while doing some research. And straight from the source, Cornelius explains how he has been fine tuning this “new guard”, so without further adieu ,check out theWorm Guard CorneliusWorm

If you clinked on the link and watched the entire video, What are you thoughts? I think this is going to be another changing point in the evolution of BJJ as a sport. Like when the “Berimbolo” was introduced, the BJJ world went insane for the “Berimbolo”. Players like the Miyao Brothers who are specialist at the “Berimbolo”. Of course not so helpful as a street defense many argue.

That’s the debate right now. BJJ purest are saying that BJJ was developed as a self-defense, and that these new techniques,  the “Berimbolo” and now

Cornelius Berimbolo

photo courtesy of

the “Worm” would be no use in a street environment. I don’t know who is credited on the development of that technique, im going to have to research that. Undeniably, both these techniques are very successful on the tatami, but super questionable as a self-defense, but I digress.



Now there is another BJJ Black belt by the name Jason Scully.  Scully is a BJJ expert, blogger and YouTuber, and he puts out a lot of informative content. I am a fan of Scully so I was checking out his YouTube channel and found he take on the “Worm”. Scully decided to discuss and play around with the afore-mentioned guard. Check out, Jason Scully’s brainstorm with the “Worm Guard”.

So what do you think? I do think it is a viable technique for the gi game, undoubtedly it’s going to be a super annoying technique to beat! Go give it a try, let me know how it goes. Now I’m off to annoying my training partners with this technique.

Now go train. As always, Workout, Drink be Merry



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