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Judo and Beer

Judo and Beer

Hello all. Judo and beer, two words that make any judoka and beer-lover smile.

Being a student of judo, beer and life, I came across a message board while doing some research. On this message board, there was a discussion of working-out, judo and beer. “Bing” goes the bell in my head. I decided to share an excerpt from the board that resonated with me, I quote.

Random post: “I noticed Judoka can really put away beer and there seems to be some    association with this martial art and beer. I wonder how it started?”

Random Martial artist from Japan – “Maybe started here in Japan. After a tournament our team was having a BBQ and one of my Coaches handed me a beer, I said no thanks sensei I’m trying to diet and eat clean for the next tournament we had coming up. Sensei looked pissed and he said “NO!!! BEER GIVE YOU POWER!!!”

Now, my sensei has never said this to me, but I innately knew that!!!

Point being, like many things that go together; peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs,  Abbott and Costello, cowboy boots and country music, TMNT and pizza, basketball and tall black guys, taxi cabs and bad B.O , butt crack and beach sand, the Kardasians and black guys!  Now judo and beer! Hence your here reading. So if you’re double guessing the effects of drinking beer and you training, remember “BEER GIVE YOU POWER!!!” but you will change weight classes. thank you random guy.

Now go train. As always, Workout, Drink be Merry.

“the average human walks 900 miles per year, and drinks 22 Gallons of beer, which means the average humans gets 41 miles per Gallon, not bad!!” –author unknown

"Beer gives you Power!!-ARNOLD SCHWARZENGEGGER

-Angel Mercado


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