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Do you know your beers?

Have you ever started a conversation about the different kinds of beers and only remembering “aaaah lager, aaaah ales , aaaah IPA, I forget the rest…” So I thought, “time to make a list of beers”. Just like anyone and anything, I don’t know them all but, this is my shot based on my experience. Hey comment below and I will gladly add on to my list.

Styles of beer (Examples)

English bitter ales (Anchor small beer)
Indian Pale ale (Sierra Nevada )
Stout (Guinness )
Wheat ale (Brooklyn summer ale)
Lambic (Mort Subite Kriek)

American lager (Miller, Budweiser
Pilsner (st PAULi girl, Beck)

Bock (Michelob Amber bock)
Marten (Oktoberfest)

Rice lager (Sapporo, Kirin)

Cousin (Barley wine)

Ice beer (Molson Ice)

Malt liquor (Old English )

Now, I have listed fourteen different styles of beers. I didn’t add double IPAs because its still just a IPA, just doubled.

So now go impress your friends with this useless knowledge.

Now go train. As Always, Workout, Drink be Merry.

-Angel Mercado


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