About me #Workoutdrinkbemerry

Workout so you can drink, workout so you can eat without the guilt from indulging. The result is being merry.


A session of vigorous physical exercise.

training – practice – exercise – drill – coaching

Eat drink and be merry


From the Bible, Ecclesiastes VIII 15 (King James Version):

To eat, and to drink, and to be merry

indulging :present participle of in·dulge (Verb)

  1. Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of: “we indulged in sundaes”.
  2. Become involved in (an activity, typically one that is undesirable or disapproved of): “indulge in gossip”.

Live every day to the fullist! workout, drink be merry!


I am currently a Shodan in Judo. I have been training Judo since 2007.  I have made many friends on my path to enlightment and a super way to stay active.


Getting ready to compete.

I am currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jui Jitsu. I love to compete and got a couple of 1st place victories to show for it. I have been train BJJ since 2010.


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